The Importance Of Night Environment In Macbeth By William Shakespeare

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Throughout the entire play the night environment has played an intense role in the temper of the play. The overall mood of the story is set principally from it being at night. The play is very reliant to the unknown in the night which gives the whole play a skittish setting where the reader doesn’t know what will be upcoming. For illustration, in Act 2, Scene 3 the Porter hears a continuous knocking on the door of the building. This knocking is scary because it is the middle of the night and anyone could be at that door. The uninterrupted knocking goes on for a few minutes, which builds up dread just to end up being Macduff and Lenox at the door. After this occurrence in Act 3 Banquo happens to leave before night and return after dark. He needs time to accumulate his thoughts. This leads up to something perhaps happening to Banquo as he is horseback-riding in the night which could be very insecure if an individual had plans for him to otherwise live. Macbeth hired the 3 murderers to take care of Banquo which happens, of course at night.…show more content…
All of these circumstances at night together show the watchers and or the readers of the play that there is a lot of unknowns in the story and the play leaves it up to the imaginativeness to build
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