The Importance Of Nudity In Ancient Greek Historical Art

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In the Ancient Greek historical Art, nude male figures were used to depict the beauty of the human body as well as the new focusing in the evolution of art. "The nude first became significant in the art of ancient Greece, where athletic competitions at religious festivals celebrated the human body, particularly the male, in an unparalleled way." (Jean) Thus, the social standard of the time in aesthetic, modesty and morality was reflected in every nudity art work .Nude male figures, in sculptures and paintings, of warriors, charioteers and musicians had become more and more popular as the symbol of energy and power of life or were used as the symbol of God, Goddess and Heroes. But nude figures of Gods and Goddess were no longer allowed by the Christianity in the Renaissance because of emphasizing “on chastity and celibacy further discounted depictions of nakedness” (Jean) , nude figures of athletic were used as an expression of virility as well as the beauty of the human body. Nudity in the Middle Ages became sinful, therefore, nude figures were rare in the medieval art and the artists were focusing on creating art about God and Goddess and their power rather than depicting the beauty of the human body. And by the end of the medieval period, nude female figures intended to be attractive and slowly brought back into art and became popular again. In the Baroque to Modern art, nudity still played an important role in art. In the Baroque period, nude art had changed and became

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