The Importance Of Nurses Reading And Critiquing Research About The Nursing Field

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The purpose of nurses reading and critiquing research about the nursing field is to gain a better understanding of the research topic and to evaluate if this research will be effective in every day practice. Nursing is always evolving and changing, so it is important to keep up to date research on certain methods and practices used in the healthcare field.
Article Summary Infection control and precautions is a major aspect when working in the health care field. Nurses and all other healthcare professionals should be properly educated regarding infection control techniques and precautions. This research study conducted by Chia-Jung Wu, Glenn E Gardner and Anne M Chang, measures Taiwanese nursing students’ capability to handle infection control in terms of knowledge, application skills and confidence. From the review of literature and previous studies, data revealed that there is a sufficient lack in knowledge regarding infection control procedures, however these prior results tend to be unconvincing due to only being relatable to certain groups and populations. Throughout this study, a cross sectional survey was used for the research of fourth year nursing students in a five year program in Southern Taiwan. The demographics of the students were studied along with three different scales measuring knowledge, application and confidence. The data was collected from a self-administered questionnaire given out at the different campuses. The results from this study were based off

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