The Importance Of Nutrition And Health

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Nutrition is a basic and fundamental process for all living organisms, and there is a strong link between a balanced diet and the health. The issue of nutrition has received a considerable critical attention to immune defence and resistance to pathogens, with consequences that impact the health and reproductive success of individual organisms (Cunningham-Rundles et al., 2005; Rolff and Reynolds, 2009).
The ability of the host to fight and withstand infection depends on its nutritional state (Sheldon and Verhulst, 1996; Cunningham-Rundles et al., 2005; Rolff and Reynolds, 2009). In honeybees, poor nutrition can weaken the immune system at both individual and colony levels. Therefore, bees should forage on multi- floral resources from which they can select their diet to meet their specific nutrient requirements (which is called intake target IT). A number of studies have reported that insects can regulate their optimal consumption of macronutrients regarding to their age, somatic needs and stress (Behmer, 2009;Ponton et al., 2011;Simpson et al., 2004). Eating a variety of food regularly ensure that nothing is lacking. Moreover, many food have nutrients that can work together in synergy with each other(Jacobs and Steffen, 2003; Jacobs et al., 2009).
Proteins and lipids play a crucial role in the individual`s survival and health. Bees can obtain these two macronutrients from most pollen sources, but in different ratio. Pollen protein and lipid concentrations vary from ∼2–60%

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