The Importance Of Parental Involvement

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Jasmyne Cartagena
Thesis Statement: Research has shown that parental involvement in schools is necessary because it increases student achievement, fosters positive attitudes, and leads to less attendance issues.
Annotated Bibliography

Deslandes, R., & Bertrand, R. (2005). Motivation of Parent Involvement in Secondary-Level Schooling. Journal of Educational Research, 98(3), 164-175.
This article addresses the importance of parental involvement, the types of involvement and the factors influence the likelihood of involvement. The authors describe parental involvement in four parts ranging from talking to their child about school to participating in their child’s school events. The main idea of this article was to determine which parents are more likely to be involved based on factors such as education level and income. Rollande Deslandes has a Ph.D. in Psychopedagogy and has been extremely successful in her career. She has received over ten awards and continues to publish articles, one of which is just a few months old and received Emeritus Honors. This article is relevant because it addresses the importance of parental involvement and evaluates the likelihood of involvement from different parents.

Jarmuz-Smith, S. (2011). Parent Involvement in Education. Communique (0164775X), 39(8), 44.
This article explains the benefits of parental involvement as well as the legislation that has to do with schooling. It helps explain what the U.S. Elementary and Secondary Education Act
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