The Importance Of A Parent 's Involvement

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The Importance of Child Development A child’s success in life is directly linked to how they developed as a child. There are many aspects that go into child development. Experiences, environments, as well as how they reach developmental milestones play a huge role in the overall shaping of the child. If a child is deprived of these important developments, their hope for a normal, rewarding life is very slim. In my experience as a mother I have found that being involved in helping my daughter reach her developmental goals has been very rewarding for the both of us. The importance of a parent’s involvement in reaching these milestones is almost immeasurable. Simple things, such as stacking blocks with your child can have a dramatic effect on their development. Months before I had my daughter I researched all kinds of methods and activities to do with her to encourage her development. There are four major components of child development that are imperative to the child’s future. Physical, emotional, social and cognitive development are four types of development essential to a properly developed child. Physical development is the foundation of basic physical skills such as walking, running, holding a pencil and shaking hands. There are two main components of physical development that include fine motor skills and gross motor skills. An example of a fine motor skill is when a child learns how to tie their shoe, or a baby picks up a small object with their fingers. I have
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