The Importance Of Personal Writings In Writing

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From a young age writing helped me get my point across, or helped me in remembering important times. Through writing, I spoke my mind without a syllable leaving my mouth. This non-verbal interaction was a blessing that I was grateful for. From a young age, I loathed speaking in front of people, I still do but not to that extent. Why did I hate it so much? From around second grade to sixth grade, I took speech therapy for stuttering, combined with stage fright and you can see why I hated talking in front of people. During this time, writing was something to be appreciative for because it was an easy route that allowed my point across to my teachers and receive the credit I deserve. Today I don’t stutter, but I do have stage fright and thus am still appreciative for being able to write assignments rather than a presentation. In all honesty, I had forgotten those four years of my life until junior year of high school while going through old papers and found a basic composition book, filled with random doodles and illegible writing. I stared at the words for a while attempting to figure out the sentences or the messages in them. After some time, I figured out what the writings were about. Some were about how much speech therapy annoyed me and I wanted to leave it, others talked about my small achievements. There was this one particular memory from the writing that brought this huge smile on my face. In 2009, I had to read my essay in front of my whole fifth grade class. I
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