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What is the most effect way to increase your physical fitness and improve your health? In the 1970’s jogging became a popular form of fitness. The 1980’s brought us Jane Fonda, Jazzersize, and other forms of dance aerobics; while Billy Blanks had us punching and kicking our way to health with Tae-Bo in the 1990’s. The new millennium gave birth to Insanity, P90X, Zumba, and the whole Beach Body franchise. The Army still clings to the idea that running, push-ups and sit-ups are the only way to measure physical fitness; while Cross-Fit fanatics prefer to lift hard and heavy. There is so many ways to train, so many fads to wade through in the search for a technique that works. The conflicting research and opinions when it comes to physical training and overall health is confusing at best. Mostly, the overwhelming amount of information, techniques, programs, workouts, self-proclaimed YouTube experts, and google search results leave the average American not knowing where to start or what kind of training would move them towards their goals. One of the most ardently debated fitness topics is which form of cardiovascular training is most effective for weight loss; steady state cardio or high intensity interval training. As a Drill Sergeant, there is always limited time to physically train; an issue most soldiers have, particularly those in combat zones. Limited by time and equipment, but driven by the constant need to remain in top physical condition, soldiers are always searching

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