The Importance Of Planning And Development Of A Child And The Foster Family Essay

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For my assignment I will be focusing on a child going into a foster home aged 6-7 years old and how this transition will affect that child and what we can do to help the transition easier to go through. This is a very big transition for a child to go through and this could affect them in different areas of their development for example they may need to move to a new area and new school and they may also have to make a new group of friends. I will be focusing in two key issues which are the importance of planning and I will also be focusing on the important of working with multi agencies. D1/D2/A1 Planning is very important for the child and the foster family. The practitioners will need to plan for this transition by carrying out meet up sessions with the child and the foster family this will help the child as they will be able to more comfortable around them when the transition happens, but however with older children you may not know that child will react to different situations. During these meetings many different things could happen for example the potential foster family can come into the child’s school setting and bring things from their home to show the child what their home is like. The foster family could also invite the child to days out and other family activities as this will help to get the child involved and comfortable around all the family. A child may have been out of the family environment for a while so it is important that we slowly introduce

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