The Importance Of Planning, And Intervening With Families Essay

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Introduction This case study is on assessing, planning, and intervening with families. During these type of cases, one must be familiar with the general practice with individuals, families, groups, and communities. It is important to have good communication skills, critical thinking, tolerance, setting boundaries, emotional intelligence and organization skills. There are many skills needed when working on cases.
The Sanchez family came unstable. Maria and Tony lived with their parents both mom and father. Unfortunate Maria and Tony parents were in an automobile accident that cause their life to be unstable; both parents died upon impact. Maria and Tony father was the driver and he were drinking heavily. Mr. and Mrs. Sanchez, age 77 and 68, took on the responsibility of raising Maria and Tony. This case study will also have a treatment/service plan, case/care management and intervention plan. Mr. and Mrs. Sanchez, Lost their daughter and son-in-law to an automobile accident. Mr. Sanchez worked at the post office for many years, but now is retired. Mrs. Sanchez work now to help supplement their income by cleaning apartments. Mr. Sanchez and Mrs. Sanchez has two others children, but they not in position to take on the parenting responsibilities care of Tony and Maria. Mr. Sanchez and Mrs. Sanchez have transitioned from grandparents into the parent role for Maria and Tony which is their grandchildren. Since taken on the parent role of Maria

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