The Importance Of Poverty In Education

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Students are being cycled from juvenile adolescents in discipline trouble, in public education, to prison more and more today. Public education is a transportation vehicle that is taking many students to the prison doorstep by putting them on the path to prison before they even graduate school. There are school districts in South Carolina that have continued to expel students, suspend students out of school, and remove students to alternative settings. Many schools in South Carolina also continue to have zero tolerance discipline items that have a one strike and your out format. South Carolina law identifies students that are seventeen years old as an adult. Many at risk students are kicked out of school at this age or they drop out. Once a student starts on this discipline track they head down the path of drop out usually with some criminal charges attached. This topic is important to see if there is some significance to discipline, academic success, attendance, out of school suspension, and dropouts. This study will also look at school resource officers’ data to get an understanding of how their data compares with many of the school referrals. It also will be looking at schools with a high poverty index versus schools that do not have as high of a poverty index. The study will be looking at fifty percent as the mark that will divide the high and low poverty school districts. Children of poverty in education have a difficult time to close the achievement gap,
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