The Importance Of Poverty In My Life

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Poverty played a very prominent role throughout the course of my life. I encountered various issues which influenced my psychological development and hindered my ability to properly process the consequences of my behavior. Also, the lack of resources limited my access to a proper education and a safe living environment. Despite the fact I am now a well-adjusted individual there is no doubt my internal and external behaviors along with the quality of life were greatly impacted, by the level of inequality I experienced throughout the younger years of my life. First, the complexities of poverty impacted my mother’s behavior by limiting her ability to properly parent. For example, my mother was a single parent who was solely responsible for raising three children on her own. The level of parental stress she experienced created additional issues within the home. According to Kuther (2016), “Parents’ attitudes about child rearing, ability to show affection, and beliefs about discipline shape children’s emotional development and behavior” (pg.456). Sadly, my quality of life suffered tremendously there were instances where we had no heat or hot water. Despite the fact, we had housing assistance many of the homes were infested with rodents or surrounded by violence and drugs. This had a tremendous impact on my behavior. My perception of life and the people around me was very distorted. My home life created internal chaos that was very difficult for me to decipher. I began to act
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