The Importance Of Practices Used By Teachers

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These articles focus on and emphasize the importance of practices used by teachers to teach and assess student learning. One main idea present within both articles is the idea of inquiry-based teaching strategies and their use within the classroom.

In the article: Unwritten Bedfellows: Discipline- based Inquiry and Standardized Examinations by Sharon Friesen, she explores the impacts of inquiry based teaching on provincial achievement exams scores. She concluded that using inquiry-based strategies had a positive impact on student achievement exam scores. These findings raise many issues with regards to the shift from old to new paradigm teaching strategies. Friesen (2010) states, “ too frequently, teachers and administrators alike, allow their fear of standardized examinations to get in the way of the innovations needs to re-engineer schooling for todays world”. Why is it teachers let the fear of provincial exams get in the way of their teaching practices?

Although, I am not an advocate for provincial achievement exams, they are something that I will most likely deal with as a teacher. For me the findings of this project will have a significant impact on my teaching style, not only in science but other disciplinary streams. What sort of benefits can students receive from inquiry based learning, in not only science but also other subjects? Achievement exams beside, I believe that the shift from old to new paradigm teaching styles is important. Again not only in

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