The Importance Of Professional Development

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Professional Development is a necessary component in the world of education, offering new methods and strategies to the teacher for use in their classrooms. Unfortunately, some professional developments have good intentions, but fail to be relevant for all teachers. Effective professional development sessions are based on the needs of the teachers and interests and include opportunities to collaborate and enhance their content knowledge. Teachers are given opportunities to reflect on what was learned as well as be accountable to implement a new strategy and be provided feedback throughout the implementation process. Many teachers view Professional Development as a one-time event rather than a continual process, spanning over years of implementation. In a study aimed to test the most common “best practices” of professional development, Garet, Porter, Desimone, Birman, and Yoon (2001) used data collected from the Teacher Activity Survey as part of the Eisenhower Professional Development Program. The teacher survey included the analysis of structural and core features. Structural features included the type of activity as either traditional or reform, duration of activity including hours spent in professional development, and collective participation to include teachers from the same schools or various teachers across a District. Results from this study indicated that effective Professional Development focusing on duration, collective participation, and core principles such

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