The Importance Of Psychology On The Origin Of Species

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The ancient thinkers based their understanding of psychology on a philosophical hypothesis. While the ancient philosophers like Hobbes, Plato, Schopenhauer and the rest could describe and predict the different behaviors and mental experiences, none of them could explain the reason behind the particular behaviors. Charles Darwin with his ideas in the Origin of Species gave a new dimension to the understanding of human and animal behavior and the field of psychology based on the foundation of his evolutionary theory (Buss, (2009)).
Charles Darwin theories on life sciences and relation to psychology
The theories of evolution and natural selection proposed by Charles Darwin in his book Origin of Species are considered to be one of the most important theories in the study of life sciences (Angell, (n.d.)). Through his theories on evolution, Charles Darwin introduced the idea of a common ancestor –monkey from which the animals and human beings were descended. He proposed the idea that all of the living beings or creatures on the planet earth had a singular or common set of genes (Darwin, (1859)). From this theory, he developed the idea that all living beings had a common physical appearance which could be grouped under the umbrella of comparative psychology (Frances, (2013)).
Darwin studied the human psychology in great detail and analyzed and interpreted the individual differences which set an individual apart from the other humans despite the fact that they share the same genetic constitution. This helped in understanding the similarities and the differences in the behaviors of the human beings (Angell, (n.d.)). He introduced the ideas about the complexity of the human nature which helped the scientists and psychologists in placing each individual separately and apart from each other. Based on these theories and findings of Charles Darwin many scientists could put together their assessments and evaluations about the science of human behavior. This helped the scientists to expand their range of study in the field of human emotions, interactions, and social communication and led to the development of evolutionary psychology (Frances, (2013)).
With the theories of Natural Selection and Sexual Selection proposed by
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