The Importance Of Reading And Writing

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Reading and writing are factors that show how educated you are, plain and simple. If you don’t know how to do either, you cannot survive. Knowing how to read and write has been used as early as 3500 BCE. It wasn’t displayed as a group of letters as seen today but, instead as pictures. It’s a form of communication that all of us use whether it be through text, email, letters etc. Imagine yourself in the Hunger Games, you need your tools in order to survive, right? Well think of reading and writing the exact same way, it’s essential. Your education is something no one can take away from you. Anyone can take away materialistic things, but knowledge is something that over the years grows inside you and helps assist you in all different types of situations. So never take that for granted. My nana stopped going to school in first grade. The first grade... just let that sink in. She was born in Pakistan in the late 40s. At the time, especially in a primarily male dominant country such as Pakistan, women weren’t expected to go to school therefore, many sadly didn’t get the opportunity to read and write. Nana had the highest education amongst her four sisters. It was always a dream of hers to be able to read and write like her brothers. So, she spent hours upon hours learning from them because she felt her knowledge was being limited. She didn’t want to stay home to cook and clean all day. All my nana wanted was to hopefully one day have a job so she wouldn’t have to be reliant on

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