The Importance Of Reading And Writing

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Learning is a part of our daily lives. We learn many new things from family members, friends, and even ourselves. Most importantly, we learn from literature. This includes, books, movies, newspapers, and the Internet that influence us on a daily basis. As a society it’s important to learn the fundamental knowledge of how individuals behave. This concept is known as humanity, which allows individuals to understand the aspect of human society and culture to help educate the future generation. This is done through human interaction. What are the literate arts said to be go be good for? A question that is repeated in different contexts and with different inflections by the writers I have been reading. Three authors prove the point of reference in the benefits of reading and writing. Mary Louise Pratt in “Arts of the Contact Zone” shows that contact zones are places where, cultures, languages, literacy, and ideas all meet to form many different and interesting views. Then, Richard Rodriguez in “The Achievement of Desire” discussed how the literate arts transformed him to a new person with greater knowledge. Thirdly, Richard E. Miller in “The Dark night of the soul” focused on history impacting individuals in many ways. The literate arts have taught us to view literature in different ways, whether they are from others, our personal experiences, or through history. Mary Louise Pratt challenges our understanding of what we would normally call a “community”. Instead she introduces

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