The Importance Of Religion In Early Civilizations

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This course took me on an interesting learning journey beginning with the development of humans from hunters and gatherers to the rise of civilizations and empires in the 16th century. A great emphasis was placed on the origins, development, and achievements of the world’s major civilizations from ancient times to the end of the European Middle Ages. In addition, the comparative study of cultures and institutions, and contacts among different civilizations was focused upon.

In the beginning on this course, we discussed the theory of evolution. I learned how humans came to be evolved and that the first humans were hunters and gatherers. Civilization developed as a result of people starting to farm, settle in one place, domesticating animals,
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We see the importance of religion in early civilizations and throughout history by the way it was valued. Religion has always been a significant part in the lives of humans and was a source of spirituality for many people. However, religion and religious beliefs also caused conflicts, skepticism, and disaster. Throughout history, we have seen frequent clashes among different religions. Similarly, we have seen individuals force their beliefs onto others and persecute those who didn’t comply. We have even seen people committing terrible acts in the sake of their religion. Up until the Renaissance, people solely focused on religion for answers. However, during the Renaissance period, humans began discovering for themselves the mysteries of the universe. The authority of the church began to be questioned and new interest in learning, classical literature, and art and major changes took place within these areas. Many new theories were proposed which changed the church centric authority. However, even though religious power was questioned and the significance of the secular world was stressed, religion continued to be valued. Religious conflict continued throughout the reformation period, with a great amount of wars taking place and contrasting views. During this period, a majority of Christians broke away from Catholicism to create
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