The Importance Of Religion In International Conflict

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Religion has been a driving force in many international conflicts. Hiding behind every religion is a political system and each has the desire of taking over lands, peoples, and valuable resources. This causes conflicts, especially when the political system causes harm to others in the name of said religion. It's a way of asserting their dominance by forcing people to the political system. Islam is an excellent example of this today, as Christianity was in the past when it invaded countries and peoples all around the world and either murdered them or forced them to convert - taking all their assets, land, and property in the process. In the Indian ocean territories, religion is not always just a belief system which provides a life moral code; religion also becomes a dividing force between two or more groups, promoting hate and intolerance in the process. Religious differences do not directly cause many global conflicts, in comparison to fights over money, political power, and natural resources. However, it promotes hate. While religion successfully provides a unifying factor among many groups, it can also serve as a justification for religious extremists to commit violent acts.

Religion serves has a way to organize beliefs and practices and shaping the way people behave on a day-to-day basis. It is a moral code or a rule book that its members strive to represent their identity. Religion does not necessarily motivate or encourage violent acts against opposing groups, but
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