The Importance Of Religion In Society

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Throughout history, there are examples of religion both supporting and undermining political authority and the social elites of the time. Some countries even go through a cycle of religion first supporting and then undermining authority. Religion can support the birth of the civilization, becoming the foundation of its social and sometimes legal codes. But, at the end of a civilization, or as the civilization becomes modernized, religion can cause corruption and a potential “social schism”. However, if one takes all examples into account, it shows that more often than not, religion is used as a tool by and for the elites of a civilization to hold more power and to corrupt society.
The benefits of a people organized by religion are tremendous. Having all of your citizens united and malleable is not a bad thing for a ruler. One example is Göbekli Tepe, which was most likely built for ritual purposes, this was a massive project, so how would they have even built it? With an organized force of followers. We can see how this plays out in other aspects of society too. The entire study of Geology can be owed to the Old Testament as Middle Age monks studied rocks and the earth to find evidence of a worldwide flood as seen in Noah. The Pyramids of Egypt, while being for a religious purpose, helped discover many mathematical concepts relating to the Golden Mean and its various geometric properties. All of these accomplishments were possible because the civilians were united by a

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