The Importance Of Representation Of Women In Popular Culture

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Andi Zeisler explains the importance of studying popular culture, emphasizing how the latter
“teaches us about aspects of our own society” (Zeisler, 1-22). She describes how politics and culture are intricately interwoven; they do not exist in vacuums but rather influence each other in complex ways that are “not always immediately clear” (Zeisler, 7). Representation of women in popular culture oscillates between “progressivism and backlash”; even the term feminism is hotly contested and debated since the way that feminism is represented varies as culture changes over time (Zeisler, 1-22). The author also argues the need for change in the way we portray minority groups, women in particular, through forms of popular culture media (Zeisler, 1-22).
The popular culture example I wish to discuss involves an article on the new Supernatural spinoff
Wayward Sisters titled “Why Supernatural’s Possible Spin-Off Wayward Sisters Is So
Important” and published in Refinery29 magazine by Ariana Romero on June 20, 2017; the author describes how Supernatural is predominantly about what she calls a ‘macho,’ ‘monsterkilling’, brotherly duo with “impossibly deep baritone voices” and a love for “classic rock, old school muscle cars, and...weapons,” making it “the CW’s most testosterone-fueled show”
(Romero, 1). There has been little to no female representation on the show, with female characters such as lesbian character Charlie Bradbury killed off promptly, until this year’s backdoor pilot for

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