What Is The Portrayal Of Women In The Media

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fication of women in the media is a concept that has perforated our society. The idea that women are objects to be viewed through the lens of male pleasure has influenced and impacted not only popular culture, but negatively affected the lives of women all across the country. in the A publication in the Psychology of Women Quarterly entitled, Objectification Theory, authors Barbara L. Fredrickson and Tomi-Ann Roberts, describe objectification as occurring "whenever a woman's body or body parts, or sexual functions are separated out from her person, reduced to status of mere instruments, or regarded as if they were capable of representing her...when objectified women are treated as bodies—and in particular, as bodies that exist for the use and pleasure of others." (Fredrickson & Roberts, 1997) The media is rife with the portrayal of women as subhuman, as objects and as items specifically designed for male pleasure. Women are constantly objectified through media outlets such as advertisements, music and pornography. This practice, though it is not a new occurrence, has allowed expanded and infiltrated countless aspects of modern society. To the extent that the presence of objectification and the reality of its negative effects have become seemingly invisible and unsettlingly natural in modern society.

A publication in the New York Sociologist describes the negative portrayal of women in the media, stating," The representation of women in the media has always been

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