The Importance Of Responsibility

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How my campaign plans to establish credibility is by bring in guest speakers who have the knowledge and experience in environmental issues. These speakers will discuss their projects, current events that our government is implementing to help combat climate change, and give informative speech’s about the problems in our environment. By bringing in guest speakers this will be able to establish the credibility of our committee. Next, by being confident that we can make a change will allow more people to support our campaign. If through our promotional strategy we can show that we are confident that what we are doing is beneficial, and eventually report how are efforts have helped the environment we can establish a trust with current and …show more content…

Lastly, I would argue joining the committee is a great network option. You are able to interact with students who share the same values that you do and care for the environment while saving your planet and creating a green campus.

2. Appeals

I would attempt to convince students to go green by appealing to different forms of rhetoric. First, I would appeal to pathos in our mission statement that saving the planet you can change the lives of all living things on our planet earth including your children, family, friends, and generations to come. Also, I would describe the ecosystems that are being harmed from climate change. Next, ethos is established by having various speakers come to meetings to educate students. I will appeal to students through logos by having a variety of statistic on quarterly flyers that inform the students about the issue. For example, 26% of paper is composed of our landfills. I think other ways we can appeal to students is through networking by email, the committee website, and having students share links across social media. This is an effective way to inform students as technology is the most popular form of communication and what most students use to keep updated with news of what is happening on campus and the world around them.
III. Activation

In my campaign, I have a detailed 30 day campaign strategy to appeal to

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