Environmentally Conscious Research Paper

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To know that one has a divine right to live in abundance means that one has a respect for nature's supply. Usually those who have become abundance conscious are also environmentally conscious. With respect to nature, many who have aligned themselves with universal laws strive to incorporate every aspect of their lives with abundance principles and concepts. Consequently, as we become more conscious, we understand that money is a seed and in many ways we are responsible for where we plant our seeds. It is only wise to search for investment options that reinforce our beliefs and lifestyle. Environmentally sound investments are more available this century than ever before. Such investments are known as Social Funds. Social Funds made its debut…show more content…
Due to increasing popularity with becoming environmentally conscious, one is not labeled as a weird tree hugger with too much time on their hands. Instead, taking care of Mother Earth has been championed by influential celebrities, well respected politicians, and altruistic business…show more content…
The forum also counts 151 socially responsible mutual funds with assets of more than $148 billion, up from $111 billion in 2001; an outstanding increase from its humble, yet highly influential beginnings. Many who are environmentally and socially conscious gain the greatest return on their investments knowing that their money hasn't supported or had any type of horrid effect on nature, its people, and the community at large. These types of investors have seen the bigger picture and realize that the end results yield the highest return. But still there are those individuals who don't quite yet feel comfortable trading their conventional stocks for socially conscious funds. One shouldn't beat themselves up. Start slowly. Begin to use the profits of conventional investing to further your socially conscious agenda. Use the funds to reinvest in your causes
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