The Importance Of Roosevelt's Contribution To United States Foreign Policy

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All three of these Presidents’ did a lot to contribute to United States foreign policy. Roosevelt had his “Big Stick” Policy, Taft had his “Dollar Diplomacy,” and Wilson had his “Moral Diplomacy.” But which one did the most to acheive US foreign policy goals? Which one enforced the “Monroe Doctrine” most effectively? Which one protected the “Open Door” in China? That president was Theodore Roosevelt. Roosevelt strongly believed in the Monroe Doctrine; so much so that he even added a corollary to it. The main reason he added a corollary is because in 1904, the Dominican Republic went bankrupt, and he feared that European countries such as Germany, would intervene “forcibly,” to try and collect debts. So, to prevent the nations from doing so he created the “Roosevelt Corollary.” In a nutshell, the corollary said; that if any Latin American country was in trouble (civil “unrest”/debt) our military would intervene. This reinforced the “Big Brother” policy and made us the “police” of the Western Hemisphere; and made sure that if they’re was anything going awry for Latin American countries, we would be the ones to step in, not any European countries …show more content…

Taft’s “Dollar Diplomacy” may have had good intentions by helping countries pay off their international debt, and promoting trade in East Asia, but ultimately it failed. When Taft would try to solve problems in Latin America by using our financial power instead of the military, everything would just fall apart again. Woodrow Wilson did use the Monroe Doctrine in a sense because he did intervene in many Latin American countries, just he didn’t stabilize a few of them. Look at Mexico for example; after the authoritarian Huerta took over, he didn’t recognize the government which uncovered a whole world of new conflicts for us and Mexico. The only reason we pulled out was because of World War

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