The Importance Of Schooling Conductive To Learning

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Is schooling appropriately handling how children should learn? Conventional wisdom has it that the best way to learn it through schooling, but is schooling effectively teaching students. In the article “Is Schooling Conductive to Learning,” the author, Koster, makes arguments as to why our system of education is failing at its job. Throughout Koster’s essay, he contends how schooling does not effectively make children learn. Due to the reasoning presented in “Is Schooling Conductive to Learning” it is evident that our system of schooling has failed to improve education and is impeding the progress of children across the country. In his confirmatio, Koster addresses four major reasons as to why the method that schools use to teach children …show more content…

Koster offers strong rebuttals to some of the arguments opposing his beliefs in the confutatio of his essay. One example of this can be seen in the argument that there are special programs specifically for children who learn differently. Koster refutes this by pointing out that adolescents are much to worried about how teir classmates will judge them to join these classes. In a contradicting article, “In Defense of Memorization,” the author claims that memorization is a necessary component for learning. In his article, he contests that some of the greatest people of all time such as Shakespeare and St. Augustine learned from extensive memorization of literature. Although such great people did have to commit so much material to memory, simply memorizing material is not an effective way to learn. One way I know this is from personal experience. Coming from a Catholic school, I have always been required to memorize prayers, bible verses, the books of the bible and so on but if someone were to ask me to recite most of this material that I had to memorize, I would not be able to. Due to the nature of memorizing such material it is difficult for students to retain that knowledge because it is so meticulous and has no real world value. A contrasting example of this would be in math classes. Math is a subject that …show more content…

He quickly grasps the reader’s attention in the exordium of his essay by proposing questions that challenge such a major institution in our country. Next, Koster provides in his narratio, a background that effeciantly sets up the remaining part of the essay. The author then moves into the propositio and partitio. It is here that he claims that our school system is failing. The bulk of Koster’s essay is in the confirmatio; in this portion of the essay, Koster confirms his position and states arguments that support his claim. Later on, in the confuatio, the author puts down naysayers by offering contradictions in multiple counterarguments. Lastly, Koster does a good job of summing up his essay in the peroratio. He fully summarizes his points and leaves the reader feeling confident that his argument is the correct

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