The Importance Of Skills In Education

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Up until now I have never thought about any skill or attribute that distinguishes me from everyone else. I know there is something that makes me stand out of the crowd, just as there is for everyone, but I have struggled in what that special skill is. I strongly believe that these skills which we all possess do not show themselves until we reach adulthood and move onto college. I say this because as we are growing up, most of us do not do our school work because we are thinking of our future. We do our work because we are forced to do so until we are eighteen years of age. Some people will drop out of school at that point, or graduate high school without going any further. I was one of those kids that did not put any effort into school work, and I also knew many people who were the same way, however here I am writing an essay for my college about which skill makes me unique. So why did I say that our skills will not show themselves until adulthood, or college? I said this because at this point, we have a choice. We are not forced to continue with our education, many of us just decide to do it because they want to, and they know that a better future is awaiting them. People who are in college are there because they want to be, and we all have our own unique way of making great achievements and moving further in our education. These are our skills. When I think of skills, I do not thing about being able to do cool tricks that others are incapable of, or being better than

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