The Importance Of Social Contract In Healthcare

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Social contract makes the public have trust in the nursing and the healthcare profession. It is the contract between the public and the profession, in which the society allows doctors, nurses, and healthcare teams to perform their roles. It is a mutual agreement that the professional authority will act responsibly to maintain the trust between the patient and the healthcare professionals (American Nurse Association [ANA], 2010, p. 9-10). Therefore, it is a privilege that society has granted the healthcare professionals who serve the public. Once the social contract is broken, it can cause frustration, mistrust, and the relationship is no longer mendable. In The immortal life of Henrietta Lacks (2010), Rebecca Skloot has done extensive research about the broken social contract behind the discovery of the HeLa cells. The HeLa cells were taken from Henrietta Lacks without her knowledge in 1951 and have made a major medical contribution to cancer research for more than half a century. This paper will elaborate on the primacy of the patient and ethical practice violations of the social contract found in Skloot’s book, which have contributed to the transformation of today’s social covenant of nursing.
What does “Social Contract” Mean?
Primacy of the Patient
A patient is the primary focus in healthcare, therefore the patients shall be treated with respect and dignity. Patients granting professional authorities to help them with their suffrage from illness has ensued

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