The Importance Of Social Habits

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Social Habits deals with how we relate with our peers, environment and the community at large. Social habits is based upon the inaugurating ties, which are the information-carrying connections between people. It has been established in Power of Habits, Charles Duhigg and other personal experiences that social habits are necessary for starting and boosting a movement. Taking references from Chapter eight (8) which discusses about American icon Rosa Parks, thrown into jail for her refusal to give up her seat on the Bus for a white man. This caused a civil rights crusade thereafter, giving rise to the boycott movements which main members include Rosa Parks, Martin Luther King Jr, Clifford Durr (Lawyer), E.D Nixon and Mrs. Nixon. This crusade was supported because of the ties Rosa Parks made by several people, as she was well-known in the society, being deeply involved in the community. The boycott movement, used this incident to challenge the city’s segregation laws and maintain equality between the white and black races. The movement did not start because Rosa Parks had several friends, it started because of what sociologists call “weak ties”. Charles Duhigg made us understand that weak ties are more significant than close friends in many ways because of the connections they have (friends of friends of friends). However, our close friends are usually (most times) in the same groups and organizations with us making information easily comparable and not assorted enough to

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