The Importance Of Socialization On Children

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In sociology, the definition of socialization is when one learns their group’s norms, values, attitudes, and behaviors. It is evident that kids learn from their parents and elders how to do just about everything. As an individual is growing up, they watch the people around them in an act of primary socialization. From the time a child is born, their parents teach them how to walk, talk, act, be a parent, date, and just about everything in between. From watching them, the kids learn how they are supposed to act in whatever culture they are born into. Within the early years of a child’s life is when they learn most of their communication skills. This is why it is so important for a parent to give their child the love and attention they need to develop. Acts of bad parenting range anywhere from ignoring a child to abusing them in any way. Oftentimes, parents fail to give their children the attention they need to feel loved and wanted. Ignoring a child can be something as little as letting them do whatever they want, making the child feel like the parent doesn’t care enough to give them boundaries. In situations like these, the child will often feel ignored or unwanted. According to Beth Greenwood, a registered nurse, children who are ignored are much more likely to act out and obtain poor grades (Greenwood, 2013). In situations like these, the child believes that if they act out, it will get their parent’s attention. The kids believe that the wrong kind of attention is better

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