The Importance Of Sociological Concepts In Sociology

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As humans, we are curious to know everything that happens around us, why it happens, the factors that contribute to a major event, why society structured like this, etc. So asking these types of questions already puts on our thinking caps of a sociologist. A sociologist mainly studies how a society works or functions. These include institution, culture, and interaction. Institutions are found all over the world, that is the establishment of an order comprising rule-bound and standards that a large group is guided by rules and norms. Inside institution, cultures come into play, is the sum of the social categories and concepts we recognize in addition to our beliefs, behaviors, and practices (Conley 78). Basically, the way people talk, act, express themselves. Deep inside a culture, interactions come about, a micro-level theory in which shared meanings, orientation, and assumptions form the basic motivations behind people’s actions (Conley 33). All three of these affect how a society is built and founded upon. Yet, as humans, we question each other why we do the things we do in life. We can give answers to all these questions, but
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