The Importance Of Special Education

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From personal experience, I did not receive any type of special education but my little cousin, Jonathan, receives services that benefit his education. Before being considered for evaluation, his mother started noticing that he constantly struggled to learn in Pre-K, Kindergarten, and First grade. It was not until First grade she became very concerned and decided to meet with his teacher, in which they both discussed his school progress and grades. After much consideration, my aunt decided to write a referral in order to get Jonathan evaluated. After going through the long evaluation process, it turned out that Jonathan needed special services because he has ADHD. From what I understood from speaking with my aunt about Jonathan, an IEP was …show more content…

My educational experience after 1975 would have been a completely different experience than in the early 70’s. My experience would have been provided with more educational opportunities that enhanced my learning. EAHCA provided students with the right education in which allowed them to excel and show their potential just like any other individual (VIDEO).

Some specific issues that were mentioned in the video that intrigued me the most was the limitations that the laws gave to students with disabilities. Essentially this impedes schools from providing education to those who suffered from emotional disturbance, either deaf or blind, and those who had intellectual disabilities (VIDEO). A general connection that I found in the textbook was that in 1969 North Carolina it was an actual crime for parents to demand education for their children with a disability. This ties in with what is mentioned in the video because it comes to show the extreme lengths that states had to go in order to exclude children with disabilities from receiving a proper education. It was not until mid 70’s that Congress actually listened to parents pleas and passed the EAHCA ( TEXTBOOK PG 27). EAHCA made public education free and provided appropriate classroom environments for special needs students (VIDEO). This act made schools who received federal funding to create programs for those with

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