The Importance Of Sports And Equestrianism

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Riding a horse is harder work than what it appears to the untrained eye. It has been said by many a non-equestrian that the horse does all the work while equestrians just sit there. Well, as an equestrian, I beg to differ. There is much more to riding that just sitting there and it’s about time equestrianism and equestrians start receiving more respect, as a sport and as athletes. Equestrianism, at most colleges is considered a sport, but it is considered a minor sport, and therefore doesn’t receive as much coverage as major sports such as basketball or football. What is the difference between a major and minor sport? Well, according to Morgan Dougherty of , “But the question arises, what exactly is a major sport and a minor sport? Because of the definition of each Division of athletics, many people seem to define major sports as the Varsity ones, rather than ones that succeed in their competitions. For example, if a school has a Division 1 basketball team with a losing streak, and a Club Hockey team with a winning streak, regardless of the record or their success, the Division 1 team is likely to be considered a “major” sport simply because it is Varsity and Division 1, while the Hockey team is slightly put on the back burner, if you will, because they are “Club.” Equestrianism isn’t considered a "real" sport, it’s viewed more of as a hobby or club activity, even though it can be found under sports at many colleges and

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