The Importance Of Sports In My Life

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As long as I can remember, I have been involved with sports. Either it was watching them or playing them, sports were and are a huge part of my life. Before I could even walk or talk, football was a part of my life. More specifically, watching it. My dad is a huge Giants fan, so I grew up worshipping them. To this day, I religiously watch their games with my family and friends. I have also grown up watching hockey. Whenever hockey and football are in season, those are the best times. My dad was also into baseball, so I watched a lot of that too. It was not until about kindergarten when I was 4 that I started to actively be involved in sports. That sport was soccer. From kindergarten to third grade, it was not anything competitive. Just the typical town recreational teams. I got started playing competitively because one of my neighbors was coaching a higher-level team and need some extra players. From then until my junior year of high school, I played competitive soccer. I tried some other sports such as gymnastics, lacrosse, and cheer, but none of the stuck with me as well as soccer did. The older I got, the more competitive I got. I was constantly playing and practicing. There would be times that I would be playing in three different leagues; my age group, the men’s league, and the division above my age. I lived for competition. When it came to high school, that need for competition stayed with me. My out of school team never really proclaimed captains, but everyone looked

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