The Importance Of Sports In Sports

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“Dumb jocks” are learning more from the game than just lifting weights or concocting protein shakes. Sports are more than an opportunity to go outside and burn off some energy. Recreation activities are more than a way to get in shape and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Athletics are a metaphor for life that not only teaches players about the game, but also helps them discover important aspects about themselves. At a young age, I did not realize all the beneficial life lessons that the world of sports has taught me, but as I experience high school athletics, I cherish the advice the game shares with me. Since freshman year, my soccer and basketball coaches have emphasized that I need to focus on only the things I can control. When a ref …show more content…

In life, I cannot count on things to be handed to me. No one will succeed for me or do the work for me. Anything I achieve in life will be due to my own hard work, my own effort, and my own dedication. However, I cannot expect recognition for my successful acts. During the game, I am usually only addressed when I do something wrong and almost never rewarded for the things I do correctly. Sometimes I will receive a pat on the back, but I cannot expect that every time. For example, a goalkeeper is one of the most underappreciated players in soccer. Experiencing the game of soccer through a goalie’s eyes has shown me that people only blame me for not saving the goals that led to a loss. They never think to thank me for helping win the game or for generating a shutout. All of that recognition goes to the offense and defense. Similarly, there will be moments in life when no one grants me the recognition I think I deserve for my actions. I need to be confident and turn to the family and friends I know I can rely on to be proud of my success. That confidence will be essential to my survival in the real world because there will be people out there who only focus on my negatives and disregard my positives. Experiencing the hardships of athletics taught me that I need to maintain a positive attitude throughout the rough times. This is essential to helping

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