The Importance Of Success And Time Management

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Success and time management are intrinsically intertwined. Time well spent leads to success; time squandered leads to failure. Soft skills are in great demand today and time management is one of the most important skills one needs to master for personal and professional success. In fact it requires time to master all other skills. Its tremendous value is felt but to manage one’s time is not an easy task – it needs will and effort to do so. Students, the future professionals, can use a variety of strategies to manage their time for better results. This paper looks at how time plays an important role and suggests some feasible strategies like goal setting, prioritizing, being regular etc. for students to manage their time effectively in order to achieve success.

Patrick Forsyth says, “good, effective time management is a core skill, a career skill that we all need both to make us able to perform in a current job and to enhance our career prospects. It is a real differentiating factor…that gives you an edge on other people perhaps of equal ability, but who lack this aspect of self-organization and discipline.” (page ix, preface)

One of the simple but effective methods is to prepare a ‘to do’ list i.e. write down all the things that need to be done to prepare for completing assignments, writing exams etc. This can be further improved by listing these items in order of priorities. i.e. items A, B or C. The author of 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, Steven Covey, states

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