The Importance Of Summer In The Summer

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Summer days are anticipated year round; there are always kids or even parents that are dreading the last school days, and just waiting to go to the beach or sit in the air conditioning and watch a movie. Summer has always been highly anticipated in my life, and not for reasons like most people. In my life, summers do not mean relaxation and going to the beach. Although I am not making a sandcastle in the sand, I get to play in a different kind of soil: dirt. Softball is a game that requires players to get dirty, whether that means sticking the glove in the dirt to field the ground ball or sliding because there is close play at the base. One summer in particular, I didn’t only get dirty on the field, but my whole life got a whole lot messier. The biggest lessons I have learned in my life have not been taught in the classroom, but rather, I have learned new things everyday from my experiences; some of which produce greater lessons than others.
The sun drifted slowly over the horizon bringing a new day. I could smell the fresh air and saw the dew droplets on each flake of grass as I strolled by them. It was another new day perfectly designed by our creator. It was a Saturday morning in the middle of summer, and just like every other weekend in the summer, I was playing the game I loved. Softball has always been my favorite sport, and one of the things that takes up a lot of my time, especially in the summer. It was just another weekend, the same as countless before it and many

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