The Importance Of Teaching Reggio And Montessori

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When I started college I honestly didn’t know what I wanted to do, to the point where I ended up taking a break from TCC to find a job. When I came back I decided to take the suggestion of my mother, she pointed out that I’ve always been good with children so why not become a teacher. While I wasn’t too sure at first I eventually found out that childhood education is something I do want to in life. It wasn’t just from work with children, I also wanted to help them grow and learn too. While studying I’ve learned what sort of path I wish to take with teaching and what a lot of my weaknesses are.
After I leave TCC, I plan to continue my education, I personally want to look into two specific methods of teaching Reggio and Montessori. I wasn’t originally too interested in Montessori style of teaching over one of the places I observed for a semester was a Montessori school. I find the way things taught there interesting focusing on children building up individual skills with the teacher being a guide to them along the way. With I am interested in that, my current focus would be Reggio method of education. I like that of an emergent curriculum that comes from observation of the children. This way its good way to understand the type of intelligence a child has, find ways to support that development but not separating the child from everyone else. I’m also interested in the project approach, doing an extend project that touches on so many subjects at once is simple amazing. I think

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