The Importance Of Technology

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Technological Takeover Technology is a piece of machinery or equipment developed with multiple uses. It can be classified into many categories, such as smart phones, televisions ,and computers. We all use a piece of technology almost everyday. In the book, The Time Machine by H.G. Wells, it takes place in around the 1800s and the narrator has supposedly travelled through time to the future. This book shows how technology is too advanced for its time, and others don’t believe its capabilities. They can’t believe that the Time Machine is able to move into the future or back into the past. However, Level 7 by Mordecai Roshwald shows how developing nuclear weapons is detrimental. With the development of nuclear technology, humanity eventually ends itself by launching nuclear bombs. And in the book Feed by M.T. Anderson, it shows teenagers living a life with a “feed”. A feed is a small device implanted in people's brains and the book shows how easily it is to become addicted to something like the feed and how much someone may rely on it. Technology can be very beneficial to us or detrimental to us depending on how it is used, but ultimately technology is slowly taking over our world. Although technology is taking over the world, it benefits us in many ways. Over many years, technology has evolved and has changed. For example, we have come a long way with the creation of flip phones in the late 1980s and now have iPhones which have a lot more different features than a flip

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