The Importance Of Technology In Education

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Technology has conquered our day-to-day lifestyles. Yes, this includes the “awful” gadgets from smartphones, applications, and any recent advances in technology. Young people hear all the time how bad technology is for us. These “bad” gadgets have actually benefitted our everyday lives. Being truly educated means to be opened mined and developing knowledge and or skills, in comparison to being trained for a job can mean working as a “machine”. Computers can be used to expand understanding in education. Technology helps people to become truly educated in all aspects of life. Education is comprised of two different sides learning and teaching. Due to the use of technology the teaching setting has become easier to learn in. With things like Smart Boards and other technologic machines teaching has made the learning environment more appealing to students. But not only that these IWBs (Interactive White Boards) make the information easier to view and be seen. In a recent study, Jane Tondeur says that teenagers have learned best when lessons cater to a variety of learning styles. With these IWBs teachers are able to take important elements in the lesson a step further. Technology has not only made the teaching environment more interactive it has also allowed teacher to devote more one on one time to students. These advantages have given students help and tutoring at any time. Sometimes when lessons in classes are not understood well students are able to contact the teacher

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