The Importance Of Technology In The Classroom

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There are constant changes that take place in all aspects of business. Within the past decade, a lot of these changes have been due to the constant development of new technologies. Technology has essentially made life easier, individuals are now more connected, productive, and informed. A dramatic shift has swept through schools worldwide. The signs are all around. Fourth graders invested in their cell phones, preschoolers, who can navigate an iPhone 8 better than the average adult can. Middle-schoolers have even developed their own Internet following on through a blog or YouTube channel. Today’s 21st-century learners are not the same as the past generations we came to know. Over the first decade of the new millennium, students have become way more proactive with the use of technology. For these students, simply watching videos or images during class, playing an Internet multiplication game, or even taking turns at an interactive whiteboard is no longer enough.
The 21st-century learners of today’s society, demand quick access to new knowledge and are very relational. More than that, they can engage in learning at a whole new level. The world is literally at their fingertips of today’s students. Now more than ever students need administrators and, most importantly, teachers to re-envision the role in which technology can be implemented into lesson plans. It has come to a point where technology is now a common implantation in the classroom, starting as young as pre-school

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