The Importance Of Technology Vs. Technology

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Throughout the twentieth century the world as a whole made a huge leap forward into bettering the future. Technology as a whole was improving but it really made a jump during World War I and World War II. We started to see weapons that changed the whole front of fighting wars. The Cold War also forced countries to improve on all levels including nuclear warfare and space technology. With the innovation of new tools helped the amount of food and how fast it was made improve. The inventions of new technology had a huge impact of how people went on in their everyday lives. Communication drastically improved and it made the world not so big and separated. Ideas and advancements were easily spread and shared worldwide more easily. The four major events that influenced nature vs. technology in the world were both world wars, the Cold War, new inventions and knowledge of food, and new forms of communication.
World War I/World War II
In previous wars battles were most fought head on because of the lack of technology. For weapons, they would have rifles that you would need to reload after every shot and they had a bayonet attached to their weapons if needed. This all changed when new forms of weaponry were discovered. The rapid evolution of the airplane is an example of this, now countries could bomb from above and some were even used to spy on other countries. Also, we saw the emergence of the tank which was extremely hard to destroy and could nearly wipe out an entire army. The

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