The Importance Of Teenage Delinquent Behavior

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Teenager confusion isn’t too much of a stretch from the typical mainstream depiction of teens, and of the teenage brain, infamously a work in progress. Teenagers are known the world over for their under developed sense of right and wrong, their impulsive decision making, their overly emotional response and their unavoidably behavior. But as important as it is to keep the teenage brain in mind when we as society decide how poor decisions should be punished, maybe it’s not the most important factor in how those decisions get made in the first place. Also the majority of teenagers are followers and not leaders, they will follow one another and to the same thing. Like Rick and his friend and they did the crimes together.
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However, the laws on adolescent capital punishment vary from state to state. Although the public in some circumstances are willing to support capital punishment for juveniles who commit worthy crimes, many would rather see the alternative which is life in prison without the possibility of parole. The option of a life sentence with work and restitution was also favored over putting youths to death. I believe that if an adolescent knowingly commits a crime worthy of the death penalty he or she should face the same consequences as an adult who does the same.
Rick was a child who was adopted so that can play into factor of his acting out. Children that are born into poverty and less than desirable conditions are more times than not, destined to become involved in the juvenile justice system. Which was not Rick’s case. He grew up with a family that loved him and pretty much had an American dream life. This may be due the child’s destructive behaviors or for placement out of concern for the child’s safety and wellbeing. Neglect and abuse is more prevalent in disadvantaged environments and causes sometimes-irreversible emotional problems. Once he was arrested he was branded. When a child gets involved with the legal system, he or she is branded a troubled child. The child is sometime even classified as having emotional problems and learning disabilities when this is not even the case. This stigma will almost always follow that child into

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