Hope: A Primary Part Of The American Dream

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What is your dream for america? The american dream is comprised of many things. It is made up of things that make america better. Not only that, it is made up of things that makes us americans. The main points of the american dream is hope for a better nation, Freedom, and diverse opportunities for all that come to america. Hope is a primary part of the American dream. The future will be negative if their is not hope. For example in a speech given by President Franklin D Roosevelt at the Fiftieth Anniversary of the Statue of Liberty he said , “How well their hopes were justified is proved by the record of what they achieved. They not only found freedom in the New World, but by their effort and devotion, they made the New Worlds freedom safer, richer, more far-reaching, more capable of growth” (4).Their hope gave them courage to come to a new place, fight for what they wanted, and make America a better place. The power of hope is guarantied for everyone from young to old. In the speech he continues to say, “The realization that we are all bound together by hope of a common future rather than by reverence for a common past has helped us to build upon this continent a unity unapproached in any similar area or population in the whole world” (7). Hope creates unity in america. Citizens come together in unity to express their hopes for America's future. Lastly he states, “Even in times as troubled and uncertain as these, I still hold to the faith that a better civilization than

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