The Importance Of The Criminal Justice System

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Today, no matter where you live crime is everywhere. No matter which culture you belong to. The people committing illegal acts must have valid punishment for their actions. To ensure right treatment and justice to people a system was constructed known as criminal justice system. Criminal justice system helps to keep streets safer and protect citizens. From city police officers, to state troopers, and to psychologists the criminal justice system has become the most important part of society to keep people safe from rapists, murders, and other criminals. Justice through sentencing has become the most common way to revenge, retribution, deterrence, incapacitation, rehabilitation, and restoration. Every person is somehow effected from criminal justice system in both negative and positive ways; some have done through experiences and some are influenced. To begin with experiences with criminal justice system, I learned in after the crime has occurred, most victims are often forgotten. Victims might be suffered from physical and psychological losses, but the criminal justice system mainly focus on prosecuting the offender. System seems not sensitive to the need of victims. For example, sometimes in court we observe defense attorneys doing hostiles questions to victims and making crime reoccur once again to them which sometimes victims consider same crime done to them twice. Once by the offender and once by the criminal justice system. Victims are considered as key evidence to the

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