The Importance Of The Printing Press

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Johannes Gutenberg a German invented the first printing press with movable type during the 1440’s. The printing press allowed for an easy way to mass produce physical copies of the text. The easy production allowed for a fast diffusion of ideas throughout Europe allowing for more people to develop a desire to become literate. The Number one text that was printed was the Bible, allowing for people to carry around their own copies and this also created question against the church. The invention of the printing press impact the lives of many Europeans. It allowed for people to challenge with the church has been teaching them and spread their own ideas and opinions to the mass.
Europe’s literacy level was not high at the time of the printing
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(POV) Tyndale is probably saying this against the Church’s text because as an English theologian and a reformer he doesn't see the church’s teachings as the true authority and truth. (Doc 3)This support against the scripture and the church created problems for the church. (Outside) The printing press aided the reformation. The protestant reformation was a movement against the Catholic Church's teachings. The reformation was led by different reformers including Martin Luther and John Calvin who each had their different interpretations of the Scripture that were published and shared to the masses by the press. The spread of information against the church gained momentum and support for and against the reformers and changed the way people thought about the church. Many would leave the church in support for reforms impacting the religious life of Europe.

The religious life of Europeans was impacted by the printing press due to the interpretations people had about the Scripture. The church had trouble controlling activists who denounced the Scripture, those who argued against it in their own works like Jan Hus had their works burned and deemed heretical. The press gave people the power to stand up against the Church and gain support for their ideas. (POV) The Council of Constance is probably saying Jan Huss is a heteric and so are his sons because they side with
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