The Importance Of The Production And Development Of Cellulase

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Overcoming the impediment due to the cost of cellulases production and development of more efficient and specific cellulases are two major goals of future research on cellulases (Sukumaran et al., 2005). The simplest strategy for meeting these goals is to search for novel microbes with high cellulolytic potential. Though it seems that the search for potent cellulolytic microbes in the last few decades has already reached a plateau, but recent studies have shown that many habitats such as extreme environments and relatively unexplored ecosystems still reserve many known as well as unknown cellulase producers, which can exhibit high cellulolytic potency as well as the specificity. The microbes from extreme environments are an attraction …show more content…

A similar approach has been used for obtaining cellulases from anaerobic beer lees converting consortium, wherein the metagenome was sequenced and then screened for cellulase sequences. Thereafter, three cellulase genes, when cloned and expressed in E. coli, were found exhibiting considerable cellulase activities (Yang et al., 2016).
The enhancement in the production of cellulases enzymes is another strategy being attempted consistently for reducing the cost of the cellulases. The use of the low cost renewable substrates can significantly reduce the cost of enzyme production. The lignocellulosic biomass could be used as a raw material for enzyme production (Klein-Marcuschamer et al., 2012; Ellila et al., 2017). The cellulases are inducible enzymes (Acharaya and Chaudhry, 2012). Many of the current commercial cellulases production technologies rely on fungal microorganisms and expression of cell wall degrading enzymes in the filamentous fungi is best induced in the presence of insoluble lignocellulosic substrates (Znameroski et al., 2012; Sohail et al., 2016). Also this has been proposed that enzyme complexes perform best on lignocellulose hydrolysis when the same substrate is used for their production (Sukumaran et al., 2005). The submerged fermentation (SmF) is the most widely used technology for the production of cellulases commercially. However, the problems of longer fermentation times and

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