Catalase Enzyme Activity Lab Report

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The purpose of this experiment was to record catalase enzyme activity with different temperatures and substrate concentrations. It was hypothesized that, until all active sites were bound, as the substrate concentration increased, the reaction rate would increase. The first experiment consisted of five different substrate concentrations, 0.8%, 0.4%, 0.2%, 0.1%, and 0% H2O2. The second experiment was completed using 0.8% substrate concentration and four different temperatures of enzymes ranging from cold to boiled. It was hypothesized that as the temperature increased, the reaction rate would increase. This would occur until the enzyme was denatured. The results from the two experiments show that the more substrate concentration,
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The null hypothesis for the first experiment was that substrate concentration would have no effect on the reaction rate. It was hypothesized that the reaction rate would increase with rising substrate concentrations, until all active sites were bound. The null hypothesis for the second experiment was that temperature would not have an effect on reaction rates. It was hypothesized that until the enzyme is denatured, as temperature increased, so would the reaction rate.
Methods and materials The first experiment begun by filling a 600-ml beaker, almost to the top, with water. Next, a 10-ml graduated cylinder was filled to the top with water. Once water was added to the beaker and graduated cylinder, a thumb was placed over the top of the graduated cylinder. This would ensure that no water was let out and no bubbles were let into the graduated cylinder. Next, it was turned upside down and fully submerged into the beaker. Then, a U-shaped glass tube was attained. The short end of the glass tube was placed into the beaker with the tip inside of the graduated cylinder. Next, a 50-ml Erlenmeyer flask was received. After, 10-ml of substrate concentration and 10-ml of catalase/buffer solution were placed into the flask. A rubber stopper was then placed on the opening of the flask. After adding these, the flask was held at the neck and spun softly
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