The Importance Of Unfairness In Under The Blood Red Sun

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Do you know what a Japan family goes through once they move in America back then? In the novel,” Under the Blood Red Sun”, Graham Salisbury writes about a Japanese family moving into Hawaii and what activities and hobbies they do. The Japanese army attacks Pearl Harbor and because of this event their racer pigeons and Tomi’s Papa and Grandpa are taken away. The author teaches the reader about how everything isn’t fair, bravery, and to treat others the way you want to be treated. The quote in the conversation between Tomi and the American soldier shows unfairness by stating, “Destroy them’, the man said to Grampa. It took a couple of seconds to hit me. ‘What!’ I said. The local guy grabbed my arm. ‘Hold on son. They have to go.’ ‘But why? They’re just racers [pigeons]… No one sends any messages on them” (Salisbury 126). The quote is about an American soldier going into Tomi’s house. The soldier said that someone told them that they had pigeons that were sending messages to the Japanese army. Once he saw the pigeons, they told them to kill the pigeons even though they were racer pigeons. So it is unfair that they had to kill their pigeons. Another part in the book shows unfairness to Tomi’s Papa and Grampa. “…They treating you okay, Tomi? … They come arrest your father… and your Grandfather?” (Salisbury 183). It shows unfairness because his Grampa and his Papa are arrested because they're Japanese. Finally, Tomi, Rico, and Billy's baseball team are given unfairness in the

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