Bone Pain Assessment Paper

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What techniques are helpful to incorporate in assessing a patient in this age group?
With considerations for the age of the child, the nurse may wish to use role play using a doll or stuffed animal to ask questions. Through use of an inanimate object in a child the age of 3, fosters trust and allows for the child to answer questions and show areas of pain. Specific questions should be stated at an age appropriate level, with common words that the child understands (Story, 2015).
Further, consideration for the child’s age includes assessment of whether the leg pain is actually bone, joint or muscle pain. Children of this age group are often helpful, cooperative and eager to be involved. However, they can see illness or in this case pain as …show more content…

What questions should the nurse ask? What other assessments should the nurse make for this clinical presentation?
Questions should be asked to the child and to the mother in this scenario.
Questions for the child to assess for bone pain would include:
Can you show me what you were doing when your leg started hurting for the first time? Show me on yourself or the doll where your leg hurts? Does hopping, skipping, jumping or running make it hurt more? Does sitting or lying down make your leg hurt worse or make it feel better? Does your leg hurt all of the time or does it hurt worse in the morning or night after playing during the day?
Questions to ask the child to assess for muscle pain would include:
To assess for muscle cramping: Does it feel like a squeezing pain? If you stand on your tippy toes or squat down does it make the squeezing worse? To assess for weakness: Does it feel like your leg is tired? To assess for circulatory: Does your leg feel sparkly? (Tingly)?
Questions to ask Mom:
When did you first notice the complaint of pain? How long after the antibiotic with antibiotics did the complaint of pain occur? Does she paly with older siblings, family or friends in a rough housing manner?
Additional questions to consider as source of pain include: Involvement in activities such as soccer, tumbling or gymnastics, which provide potential sources

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